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Nos valeurs

The values of My Boo-Kase

Made In France

  • Our brand guarantees you "Made in France" products.​  From design to manufacture, all of our book sleeves are made in Paris with passion .

Une image très lumineuse et très épurée d’un bocal arrondi, transparent, posé sur une table blanche, dans lequel se trouve 2 tiges naturelles de fleurs de coton. A l’arrière-plan on aperçoit de manière floue, un mur en bois blanc tacheté par endroit avec une couleur terracotta.

An eco-responsible approach

  • Ecology being one of our concerns, we are committed to offering you quality and eco-responsible products.

  • This is why for all of our collections we use cotton, GOTS or OEKO-TEX labeled fabrics as main material.

Ecological packaging

  • For ethical and responsible fashion, your My Boo-Kase book sleeve arrives at your home in a 100% organic GOTS label cotton pouch.

  • This pouch is designed by a French company that participates in the empowerment of women in India with a payment of 40% of its earnings to an NGO.

Prioritize upcycling 

  • You can use this pouch at home or when traveling, to put your jewellery, toiletries, underwear...  An essential that will be useful on a daily basis.

  • Conservation of fabric scraps to offer you very soon an accessory very popular to readers.

A word from the designer

Passionate about fashion, decoration, art and many other things, I never go out without a book in my bag.

Tired of seeing my books get damaged, I decided to fix it.

In 2015, before thinking about creating the My Boo-Kase book sleeve, I searched for it first. My idea was very specific, I needed a book slipcover for book which would wrap the cover pages as well as the block of interior pages.

Not finding any model that meets my expectations, in 2018, I create in collaboration with the tailor who has been altering my clothes for more than 10 years, various prototypes which I have experienced for almost 2 years.

In 2019, I register the brand and start to approach clothing workshops.

It is finally in october 2020 that My Boo-Kase book sleeve, was born in a parisian workshop.

With My Boo-Kase book sleeve, my idea is to put the practicality and the aesthetic at the service of the book while adopting an eco-responsible approach.

Today, I am embarking on creative entrepreneurship after having spent more than ten years in consulting.


This is a new page full of emotion and twists that is being written for me...

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Fatou S.

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