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À PROPOS: À propos de nous

Who are we ?

Our story: the first book sleeves brand intented for books protection

We are many to make it a must to have a book around every journey we take. 

Indeed, that same book that often gets damaged and chipped off as we travel around.

With that in mind, the founder of My Boo Kase wanted to give us a way to express our love for books and this is where the idea of the brand come to life, 

  An innovative concept

Femme assise sur une chaise en cuir noire dont on ne voit pas le visage. Vêtue d’un jean bleu clair et d’un pull blanc. Tenant à sa main droite une paire de lunettes de couleur marron écaillé et à sa main gauche un livre blanc du côté de la quatrième de couverture.  Elle porte au cou un sautoir doré et une bague avec des petites perles vertes et blanches. Ses ongles sont un vernis avec une couleur noir. Photo prise par Karolina Grabowska.

An environmentally friendly fabric pouch, with a zipper and a padded lining to cover  the entire surface of your book, which will keep it safe and cozy 

Ultimate protection

My Boo Kase is a well thought product, thanks to which you can give some TLC to your books, the only companion you’ll need for all your trips, public transport, flight wait, at the beach, name it…

We went the extra mile by combining adaptability and practicality when creating this pouch, by including :


  • A choice of multiple sizes, S, M L and XL, will enable you to store different size of books, from pocket to textbooks.

  • its two elastic bands, inspired by the Moleskine notebook, allows you to hold the front and back cover or to mark a page.

A useful and trendy accessory

At My Boo Kase Diversity and originality, are our key factors.

We offer collections with fashionable and vibrant colours to keep your life as colourful as you are.

A real timeless accessory that has been designed to combine practicality and uniqueness,

What does My Boo-Kase mean?

It is the contraction of the English words "My Boo", "Book" and "Case" which gave rise to the name of the brand and could be translated by
"My beloved book pouch".

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